Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our website or our service, you may find  the answer here. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Please go to the product details page by clicking on the item picture  from the search results. There you will see a checkbox 'Apply chop  service' which will bring up a new window to allow you to enter the  details of your chop order.  You can also do this by searching for items  in the basket page, which may be quicker for you if you already know  the item number you require.
If you are using Internet Explorer, this is most likely because of a security setting in your browser.
To enable the chop window to display,  please go into internet options, then click security, trusted sites,  sites, and then add the address to the trusted sites zone.
This issue is currently being investigated and we will endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.
This issue has hopefully been rectified now but if you do find an item    which does not allow you to add a chop to the basket, please report the    item number to us using our contact form.
This could be because the e-mail address you are requesting a password for is not setup as a login on our site.  If this happens to you,   please  contact us, quoting your account number, and we will get a working  login for you as soon as possible.
At time of writing, a limited amount of account history has been  transferred to the new site.  Please check back periodically, we will  include historical invoices as soon as possible.
'Shop mode' on the old website enabled you to make prices invisible, so that you could browse the site in the presence of a customer, and not let them see the prices.
This facility has been replaced by a new system of 'account permissions'. Please speak to your Larson Juhl representative to discuss your perticular requirements.
If you usually pay for your orders by card, and something goes wrong with the online payment, this can cause an error after subsequent checkout attempts.  
Please try clicking the 'empty basket' link on the basket page. This link should reset the data required by the checkout process and then you should be able to enter a new order and checkout normally.
If this does not work for you, please contact our customer service department.

Getting in touch:

Call Centre Tel: 01234 852777
Call Centre Fax: 01234 840735
International Sales Tel: 00 44 1234 846307
International Sales Fax:   00 44 1234 840190
Or click 'Customer service' at the top of the site to use our contact form.