Order Status

This page provides an explanation of your order status to help you determine the progress of your order.

When you look at the order history page in my account, you will see a summary of your orders, with a column that says 'Order status'.  This is the general status of the whole order. The possible values are as follows:
Open - The order is new and has not been released for processing yet.  Usually an order is released within a few minutes of being received.
Pending Approval - The order has been referred to the credit control department.
Released - The order is being worked on. Lines which are in stock are being processed by our warehouse.
Cancelled - The order has been cancelled.
Completed - There are no outstanding lines on the order. All lines are either shipped or cancelled.

From the order history page, you can click 'View details' to look at the lines on an order.  This provides you with a line-by-line status. The line status could have these possible values:
Not shipped - Nothing has been shipped on this line yet.
Partially shipped - Something has been shipped but there is still a quantity outstanding.
Shipped - The line has been shipped and there is no quantity outstanding.
Cancelled - The line has been cancelled.