Instant order upload

Importing products from a single file is the fastest way to add products in bulk to the shopping cart and place an order

To import products to a shopping cart:
  1. Download the CSV template. *
  2. Open the CSV file in Notepad, Excel or whatever application you use to edit text files.
  3. Fill in the CSV file with Product ID**, quantity and unit of measure code, separated by commas (or in different columns if using a spreadsheet program). Please leave the 'VariantId' column blank.
  4. Re-save the CSV and upload it.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 each time you want to upload a new order *
* The CSV template can be programmed into your Enterprise Resource System (ERP) to automate CSV creation before uploading your order.
** If you have saved your own reference against any product you wish to order, you can insert your own reference number here instead of our product ID.

The Product ID/cross reference field and the Unit of Measure codes must be in UPPERCASE.
Common UOM codes are as follows:
Mouldings: MT, PK, BX, LEN, SSAMPLE
Boards: SH, PK5, PK10, PK25, PL
Frames: EA, BX
Glazing: SH
Other products: EA, PK
If the UOM code is left blank, the default UOM will be used. Please check this is appropriate once the item is in the shopping basket
Please note that this facility will not empty the shopping basket before adding, so you can use this multiple times to build up an order before checking out.

Upload the csv file.

Drop files here or click to upload.